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Some Novice Questions


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I'll prolly get pounded for asking all this, but I'll go for it. I've been into hacking a little bit; I'm still a very big novice. But umm, can some explain to me HTTP-Tunneling, proxies, bypassing firewalls, etc? Or at least a good starting point. Every place I go to never has any good answers, I was hoping to find some here. I was never that good with networking or any of that wireless type configurations, and learning how to hack all this stuff. So please, just asking for an explanation, general starting point, or just tips on where to start or go from here. And I know there is a topic on starting out, but I though it would be better to ask you guys about it instead.

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Quick question did you watch some of those videos, where Darren showed how to bypass schools firewall, and how to tunnel traffic through SSH and all that.

I think these links would be a good starting point for you.




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