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Issue With Hotmail Email


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So this is the first time I know someone that had there email actuely stolen. They said that they only been on 4 legit websites today and an hour later their addressbook was mass emailed about being in england and needing money so we called him and now he cant get into his rmail. How in the world could this happen if nobody had physical acsses to the box.

I am not asking how to do it myself I am just trying to figure out if the people who got emailed if theres are going to be stolen also since I dont know how it happne in the first place and also when I go to his computer what should I look for to see how they did it.

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The computer is in a house with no wirless.

Like Sparda mentioned above, it could be infected with anything. He may have visited a web site that may have been tempered with malware. You never know, shit like that happens.

Make sure the computer is fully patched and the antivirus currently updated and you have run a full system scan.

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When in doubt, wipe the drive and then have him change all of his passwords.

That fixes all the problems.

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