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Mdk3 On Fon?

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ok so from reading the forum i have found that mdk3 can work on the fon and it is built into the Jasager firmware. i would like to try running it on a second fon

I was going to use the Jasager firmware on both fons so on the deauth fon i installed "libpthread_0.9.28-8_mips.ipk"

then created a monitor interface

"wlanconfig ath1 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode monitor"

then ran "mdk3 ath1 d"

however i get

"Segmentation fault"

i tried google but couldn't find the answer to this problem any help would be great!

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Not that I remember but I was playing with it at the time so may have left it in my config file when building the firmware, if I did then it isn't really supported as it was an accident.

If you want to install it properly then I'd suggest grabbing the makefile and building it yourself.

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