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What Laptop Or Netbook To Choose For Coding And Wireless Testing?

Dark Horse

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Hello everyone,

I've been out of the linux game for about a year. I'm trying to get back full force after I sold my PC laptop to try a macbook. I am looking for something that I can mainly code, test servers and do wireless testing with. Kind of like the Area51 of mobile PCs. I'm looking for laptop or netbook suggestions. Also add on suggestions, for example I just read a thread that recommended Ubiquiti or Alfa adaptors for wireless needs.

What I'm not looking for is a heavy gaming rig.

I'm looking for moderate weight without compromising too much usability and a decent keyboard.

Also hardware with open source drivers is a big plus.

I want to test what I learn on hak5 and at school...(thinking of a programming or networking major)

Thanks in advance

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