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Offsite Backup Solutions


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Hey everyone, I am trying to work out a good way of doing an off-site backup.

The situation is I have a friend that runs a business. This business has a little windows xp box that stores all their data on the network.

I would like to have it so that every couple of nights at say 6:00pm all of the changes to their data gets sent to a box at my house.

I don't care if I have to build something in linux at my place but I am stuck with windows at their business.

I have a couple ideas in my head but was looking for input from people here.

Thanks everyone.

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I don't know if it can be done with XP. How much data do they have to backup? If it's realitively small, guess they could use something like Dropbox or something similar to backup to the cloud.

As for me: I've got a server at home that is running linux and I just do an rsync to an external drive daily, and also do a full backup to another external drive which I store "offsite" - not really "offsite," but in a fire-proof safe in another room.

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I don't know of a specific offsite service, but there are thousands of them listed on Google.

As it's a Windows XP box it should have NT backup installed, use this to backup data + system state, then shoot the .bkf file out to the Internet.

Depending on the size of your friends business he may find something like a ReadyNAS to be effective for storage. For remote storage I would expect to pay $10 per month MINIMUM for a GB (this is just me guessing)

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