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Complete Computer Issues


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First off if you know me im sorry lol. Everytime I turn my grandpas computer on i have about 30sec before the mouse like locks up. I can move the mouse but i cant click on anything at all and im blamed cause I once downloaded a runescape bot. I have currently attempted to download a starcraft 2 torrent from thepiratebay.org but i cant check it cause it went retarted. I went on safe mode and used the antivirus and scanned and it said it was fine. IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME PLEASE DO IT PLEASE


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what you need to do is stop cheating and downloading warez. half of that crap is infected with some sort of spyware. if you download a rootkit then no antivirus will find it without specialized tools.

heres what you do.

remove the hard drive from the machine, connect it to a computer and boot knoppix. copy over only your data, not your warez, and then put the old drive back into the computer. restore it with your recovery discs. install antivirus and then pay for your games

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