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Modern-day Wardialer?


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So, I kinda watched the movie Wargames yesterday, and I kinda started thinking, and I kinda wonder if there is a sort of wardialing script compatible with TCP/IP. Now I know there are very few whitehat uses for a wardialer, but I could see the usefulness of having every address on the 192.x.x.x subnet portscanned, for pen testing reasons, obviously. What I want is some sort of script that would sequentially pings every address in a specific range, and do a good ol' "nc -z -v" on every address that responds, if you know what I mean. I was getting ready to write a simple shell script to do so, but then I remembered that netcat crashes and burns if an address fails to respond on any port, or rather freezes, which is a pretty big problem. How am I supposed to write a loop around a script that may or may not finish running?

Well, here goes my question: Is there anything out there that will do this already, or do I have to crack open the netcat source code and add a new feature?

Ah, the joys of open-source programs! At least I can add a feature, even if it means a ton of work. That reminds me: if I somehow manage to modify netcat an add a new feature, how am I gonna convince the devs to include it in the official build?

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