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apparently my account got deleted when i joined a few days ago. oh well no worries :). i am wondering if openzipit's bootsplash image can be changed without having to recompile a custom version of openembedded for the device. as far as i can tell the bootsplash.bin file is stored within the flash memory of the device but is there a way i can mount it and change the image to something i want without having to recompile everything? love the show, cant wait for whatever new is going to come out.

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It might have been lost due to the server and database move to a new host, which I think were strictly backups of everything that only went back to last month (dont quote me on the time frame though). There are still some bugs on the site being worked on.

I dont have a zipit, but I imagine you change it in the same manner you would for a normal linux installs framebuffer graphic. ive never actually done this myself, but I hear its fairly easy, just requires an image in the right width/height, file format and bit depth, then add it in the boot folder and change the pointer to the new image.

http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=41881 scroll down and look for "boot/grub2-background"

Not that these will apply to the zipit, but im sure will help get you in the right direction.


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