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Can't access my fon after I messed with the openwrt config

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Hey there!

I have set up openWRT on my fon successfully by following the excellent guide provided by Darren. But then I made the mistake of messing with the HTML configuration interface: I switched from "static ip" to "DHCP" in the section "Network" and then clicked on "save settings" and "apply settings". The browser was loading for like 10 minutes until I lost patience and clicked my browser's stop button.

The result of all this is:

Neither can I access the html config interface, nor can I ssh or telnet into my fon. The fon ist still boradcasting the "openWRT" SSID. But when i connect either wirelessly or via ethernet, the nic is assigned a pretty weird ip in the subnet (netmask Windows says the network connection has limited or no connectivity (it can't find a default gateway).

I also tried to manually assign it the ip with netmask, but still I couldn't ssh or load the html interface.

Is there a way to regain access to the router?

Thanks i advance for your help!

Greets - TheWeapon

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Plug the fon into your router and check connected devices in the router set up page.....you should see your fon and an ip assigned to it.Leave the fon on the router and with another pc that is on your network log in to the webif gui using this Ip. Then you can configure the fon.

If you are not on a router use nmap to find the IP that the fon was assigned.

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:D pmsl...... Your welcome.

I'm a noob myself....You should have a look at some of my posts if you think yours are bad....lol :D

However there are some very talented people on here who will help if they can.

Big thanx to everyone who has put up with me so far....you know who you are! :rolleyes:

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