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SET not available?


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Hi Guys,

I downloaded SET before no problem using "svn co http://svn.thepentest.com/social_engineering_toolkit/ SET/

However, I wiped the machine it was on and when I went back to download it again I can not access it anymore.

The same 403 forbidden error keeps coming up

any ideas?

Dave is working on his new site. I redesigned thepentest.com and then he ran into some legal issues and is changing the name to secmaniac.com. Its not public yet, but you should be able to get the new toolkit soon, as he is releasing it for shmoocon, I think version 0.4 will be out. You might try svn.secmaniac.com but again, I dont think hes got it set for public use yet.

I can reach http://www.secmaniac.com/ myself, but thats because I kno whe whitelisted my IP. However, even I get a 403 for "svn co http://svn.secmaniac.com/social_engineering_toolkit set/" so we'll have to wait till he gets home from shmoocon to find out whats the deal.

If I happen to talk to him on skype, I'll ask him about the svn details.


dave_rel1k Don't miss the firetalks at #shmoocon ..speaking at

830...releasing SET v0.4...big release don't want to miss!

about 6 hours ago from twidroid

edit: Someone was lucky enough to get a copy:


A link on his page to downlaod the 0.4 version. Use at yoru own risk, its not from the official site.

edit: Seems if doing it from BT4, their repositiory is up to date??

Pizza1337 that was on bt4 btw

about 2 hours ago from TTYtter

Pizza1337 apt-get upgrade and i got SET .4!

about 1 hour ago from TTYtter

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Ok, Just got a message back from Dave. Only wayt to get it officially right now, is with BT4.

@dave_rel1k - @xxDigiPxx only available via backtrack 4 update...will

open svn next week

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