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USB label problem


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Ok, so for the past week or so I've had a problem with a USB drive's label. After having installed PortableApps, the device was renamed PortableApps.com, and while this was fine as long as I had the portable apps installed on it, I no longer do... and the device refuses to be renamed. Right-Clicking and renaming the device actually works to some extent, all other computers in the house, and even the device manager and the properties window recognize the devices name. However, explorer still refuses to see the device as anything other than PortableApps.com.

I have tried using the label command through an admin enabled cmd.exe both from the c:\windows\system32\> and the LETTER:\> directories (I have tried changing the drive letter but it does not help.)

I have tried using an autorun.ini file to enter a new label=EXAMPLE which also does not help.

I have tried completely reformatting the device.

I have opened the device up in ubuntu and used gparted to remove the volumes and start over, but no luck.


OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

Device: 8GB SanDisk Cruzer (SDCZ36-008G)

I've been searching the web for the past few weeks for a solution, but no luck so far. If there is some sort of device label cache or some sort of registry file that I need to find and edit/delete please help me.


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