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Xbox 360 + Proxy :D


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Any idea on how to get internet/Xbox Live on my Xbox 360 through a proxy connection? Need to get online if only for 5 minutes or so, heheh.

Here's what happened: Some time ago I bought three map packs for Call of Duty: World at War that were on sale that week. Apparently I wasn't supposed to buy them where I live (Mexico), but I bought them anyway using their website and a proxy, since I wasn't able to do it from the Xbox. The maps now appeared as bought, were on my Downloads tab, and started download soon after that. But when they reach 99%, the download fails.

I did some research, and apparently the error I get is only for region locked stuff. When I bought them I actually thought the sale was US-only, not the maps (which doesn't makes sense). My account is american too by the way.

The downloads are stuck at 99%, so my idea is to get online through the proxy, resume the downloads, and be happy :B

Any ideas :B?

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Region encoding whould be something it reads internally compared with the file itself, not the source of where its coming from.

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The Xbox is american, bought in the US last year, my WindowsLive/Xbox account is american, and even bought the maps with an american bank card, the only thing that's not from the US is my current internet connection, since I'm leaving in Mexico :o, though I'm not sure if it matters.

Thanks for your help :B

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Maybe a dumb question, but did you possibly run out of space on the 360?

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Nope, not yet, plenty of space left :o

At first I thought something similar, and even redownloaded a few times and cleared the cache and everything, but apparently those are fine. The file is even downloaded, stuck at 99% :/


By the way, I've also got a router with DD-WRT, not sure if it would help, I haven't found anything related to proxies on their wiki :/

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Not a lot of progress (not that I have been working on this everyday :B).

Tried sharing internet from my PC to the Xbox using Tor for the proxy and supposedly routing all traffic through it, but didn't work as expected.

Any other ideas =o?

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