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IP based CCTV cameras...


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Hi HAK5'ers,

3 or 4 years ago I found a metasearch string you could enter into Google to find the IP's of CCTV cams. Namely Panasonics, for some reason.

You could connect to these via a web browser and view their footage live.

Yeah, it's crazy to think IP-based security cameras are installed and NOT secure.

Some even have a nice GUI where you can pan, tilt and zoom them which wasted hours of my time back then. It was a real hoot.

I was mentioning it to someone the other day, but can't remember the search string.

I read a thread where someone in Russia found a security guy in the US (via his cam) sitting on his a$$ with his feet on the desk. He zoomed the camera to a list of phone numbers and rang him telling him off. lol Then he posted the office's fax number on a forum and then the fax spamming began.

I'm not malicious in that way, but I'd like to check them out again.

I did a search around online, but to no avail.

Can anyone please help?


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intitle:"DVR login"

Google will show you a lot of these search terms as well if you look hard enough. Try the GHDB.

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