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options for ssh tunneling through firewall


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So I'm trying to do something exactly like what they did in episode 614 (here: http://revision3.com/hak5/tunnelingproxies#rev3Player) with the ssh tunneling of traffic through a firewall. In my case I'm trying to do it so I can use ventrilo and play heroes of newerth (an online rts game like dota) but i'm on windows

I have completely hit a brick wall trying to find an ssh server, however. I tried installing one on a computer back home and my friend both tried installing freesshd on computers but both ran into the same errors (first "this address is already being used" and then login failure despite using hte right password)

i dont have access to a linux computer for openssh, and trying to use cygwin was just all sorts of terrible rolled into awful.

i have been doing this in a limited fashion for the last few days using sites like your-freedom.net and gamepath.net but your-freedom seems to be extremely slow (the connection i mean) and unresponsive (the people) when i tried to actually order something, and gamepath.net seems to block ventrilo -- limiting it mostly to WoW

basically -- can anyone help me find a solution to this conundrum?

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Are you looking to do this for the use of a socks proxy over your SSH connection, or so you can access the game server on your machine from a remote location? Bypasing a firewall using SSH only works if the firewall allows you to get through the default port of 22, so if the firewall blocks port 22, SSH is not going to work anyway, ssh or not. Its an option to use though, when you want to tunnel traffic that is specifically blocked and monitored for, such as games and bit torrent, but again, only works if 22 is open on the firewall, which depends on the network you are using.

There are plenty of OpenSSH tutorials for windows, and its not as hard to set up as you may think. I posted a walkthrough a few years ago on how to set it up on windows XP (originally based from an episode of BsodTV).


As for linux, any live disc would work, like uBuntu. SSH is installed by default on most distros and all you would need to do is start the sshd service, then ssh into the box, just need to port forward on your router to the ip which has ssh running.

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port 22 is open, as i have been using it to ssh to proxies like the ones i mentioned (gamepath.net, etc)

the live disk would certainly be an option, but i am trying to run the ssh server on a computer my friend is also using..i should mention this is a temporary setup

i will look at openssh for windows too

if anyone has any other suggestions i am also open (hosting sites, etc, that i might be able to use ssh with? i didnt know if this was something that would work?)

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Get a Dreamhost site, they give you shell access with your account, so you cna tunnel through your own domain. I do it all the time with my site, and it works great.


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turns out that what i needed to do all along was tunnel UDP not tcp ... so ssh is useless since it doesnt normally do udp, only tcp.

that said, i'm looking for solutions for THAT now

i found a program called PingFu that works but it's terribly laggy because their servers are in california and i'm in virginia...the internet is having to go over mountains and shit.

any way to set this up on my friends computer? so far no luck

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Im fairly certain you can tunnel UDP through SSH. Give it a google...

edit: have you tried hamatchi as a vpn for your gaming? Install LogMeIn's Hamatchi on your home network so you cna vpn into it and play the game.

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