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Removing Clickfree partition


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So far, you can't remove it, there are no known working tools floating around for newer HDD with CD-ROM ..

It's likely a Toshiba/Fujitsu HDD, somebody will have to bug them with enough support-requests to make them release the tool .

Note : The clickfree software has a autoupdate-feature, this suggests that it can at least write to the CD-ROM.

There must be some software capable of "talking" with the controller stuffed away on that CD-ROM..

Edit :

This works for some people :


You may have to add the VID-PID of your device in the .ini.file .

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This is the manufacturer-tool, with manual, for xSIL 251 controller :


This tool seems to open (the other one didn't recognise my drive). When I scan the USB ports my drive does not show up so it looks like I'll need to add in the VID and PID info as suggested. I have a question though. The VID and PID for other drives (in the .ini file) is in a HEX format and also has other information such as Manufacturing and product strings. Where can I access this information from?

Here is an example of the entries in the ini file:









PRODUCTSTR2=Ultra Disk Drive




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Try : "Devicemanager/%your device%/properties/details"

or Nirsofts USBDeview http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usb_devices_view.html ( highly recommended!! )

You can convert the HEX with windows calc :

In Microsoft Windows, the Calculator utility can be set to scientific calculator mode, which allows conversions between radix 16 (hexadecimal), 10 (decimal), 8 (octal) and 2 (binary); the bases most commonly used by programmers. In Scientific Mode, the on-screen numeric keypad includes the hexadecimal digits A through F which are active when "Hex" is selected. The Windows Calculator however only supports integers.
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