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Ad-Hoc Networks


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My name is Iffy. I have to write a report on the Ad-hoc networks from Security POV for my Post-Graduate work, I need help in finding the latest news and development on this topic. If someone could point me to a Research paper out in last two years or a website which you think could me out in this matter.

Please let me if you think a website, an underground forum or anything you think mught be able to help me... I would really appreciate it.



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Your best research options in this case are probably google, as are most searchable topics.

If you want written papers, try PDF files:



or just a standard query:


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The netstumbler community is incredibly intelligent and they have a lot of information on their forum.

http://www.netstumbler.org Just be sure to do some searching before you blurt out any questions you may have. I think every community appreciates a more specific question. I'm not trying to tell you what to do I was just trying to make sure your post on netstumber didn't turn into a flame war. That can be dreadfully annoying when you really want to learn.

Also this isn't to take away from Hak5, it's just that netstumbler is a community solely dedicated to 802.11

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