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Windows 7 x64 Graphics Driver


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Well, I just finished installing Windows 7 x64 and it's running quite nicely. However, I have run into my first problem. I'm trying to run Boxee and it's telling me that the 'Windows default OpenGL driver' is unsupported. I took a look in Device Manager and it says the ATI driver is installed, version My graphics card is a ATI Radeon X1650.

So I went looking for an updated driver that I might be able to get working and came across this. I downloaded and installed it, however the directory that it "installs" to is completely empty. I'm quite confused.

Has anybody else had any issues like this? Any modified ATI drivers that might help? Any ideas? Help? :)

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The answer is probably that Vista and 7 only have built in support for OpenGL 1.1 and Boxee requires OpenGL 1.4 minimum. OpenGL support can be implemented by the graphics cards drivers, however I have been unable to locate a list of features the driver for your card supports. The card 'physically' supports OpenGL 2.

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I got it working, sorry :wacko: Jumped the gun on this one apparently. Just had to dig around for a few more minutes to find the right package. I did have to manually install the driver though, which I hadn't anticipated having to do. Thanks anyways though :D

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