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Ankit fadia's website got hacked!

Yatin Dabhi

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Is Ankit Fadia selling Viagra? Maybe not. But someone has hacked into India's most famous geek's website and linked it to another one promoting Viagra

It's a case of a protector turning a victim.

The cyber world is buzzing with the news that India's renowned cyber security guru Ankit Fadia's business website been hacked by spammers, who have linked it to a site promoting Viagra.

Though Fadia's website, http://www.hackingmobilephones.com/, doesn't have a visible connection with any outside portal, it has an invisible link to a website named http://www.uindy.edu/ and some other similar ones. These are related to advertising and promoting Viagra online. The hacker has not being detected yet.

When contacted, Fadia said he was aware of the problem but claimed it had happened because of a fault in the server that hosts his site.

"I don't own the server net4india that hosts my website. The server hosts various other sites too. The problem lies in the server and all the sites hosted by it have been infected. But my site is safe to use," said Fadia to MiD DAY.

However, cyber crime experts contest Fadia's claims. They say his site has a coding problem which is indirectly promoting a page selling Viagra.

Sunny Vaghela, a cyber crime expert from Gujarat, said, "This is a web application problem and the error lies in the coding of the website not the server. Seeing the Google cache it's clear that Fadia's site is under attack. It is really shocking because he claims to secure other websites."

Another web security analyst from Gurgaon, Himanshu Tiwari, said, "The problem is not in the server. The website has a loophole. Every visitor to his website is indirectly promoting the Viagra page. In simple words, every hit on Fadia's site is being recorded in the other site too, making it popular. This is not a small problem as it could be used to send spoof email from the IP address of Fadia's website."

Ankit Fadia's website had been hacked earlier as well and that time too the geek had blamed the server.

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