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I'm not quite sure what you are asking here, are you wanting a Preinstalled Environment with a Virtual Machine?

Or are you just looking to take an existing set up Virtual Machine and copy it to a different computer?

no idea on the former, but on the latter you can just copy the folder that has the vmx, vmdk(s), etc etc and open it on vmware player on the new pc. It will ask you if you copied it or moved it. I tried moved it before and it seemed to usually fail, so the best option would be that you copied it.

If I'm off base with what you are asking please be a little more detailed.

Hope this helps!

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not looking to make a new/move vm but take the vm and make it the primary OS on the other computer

but i got to thinking about it with the hardware for the two boxes they would be a incompatible with the current vm configuration

i was just trying to see if there was a way to take a vm make a image to install as a primary os

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yeah I don't think the virtual machine tech works that way or can even be rigged to work in that fashion. the closest thing I can think of is maybe using a PE boot image and mount the vmdk using vmdk-mount (i think thats the program) to copy things over. However there is the matter of the registry and... well It just wouldn't be pretty.

I think what you want sounds more like Citrix, wherein a machine boots up and connects to a server much like a terminal server connection. Anywho, best of luck with this endeavor

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