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VPS - What to do with it?


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I've got a VPS that I'm not using at the moment and would like to do something with it. Shoot some idea my way please.

Here are the Specs:

256MB Guaranteed RAM

10GB Disk Space

75GB Data Transfer / month

1 IP Address

It's not much but I'm sure you guys have a great idea somewhere around.

IRC/Bittorrent/P2P/Warez are not permitted on the network so there's no use to go that way.

I thought of a few but I already have all of the below:

- Web server

- File server

- Backup Server

- Remote Backup Server

- VPN Server

I also looked on google but nothing attracted me and I consulted the "What to do with an old PC" thread but most of the stuff relates to LAN based servers.

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Setup shell accounts for hak5 users and dish them out.

I could but I'm not sure who I trust,even with limited user access, once you've got access to the shell, you can generally get your way around to root level.

Any more ideas?

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I run a few websites and a game server off mine. That's all under 20gb and 540mb of RAM.

I could run a game server but I'm not sure with 256 MB of ram what I can run. Any ideas, maybe an older game but it needs to have a linux server...

I also found Jinzora; it lets you stream some music. But first, I need to sort my 12 000 songs that I just added :rolleyes: to my collection

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