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u have two version on Auditor. Firs is for non intel wirless cards and second on is for intel only cards.


This version is for systems with the Intel B/G wireless cards (IPW2200) only. All other system should take the version below.

here is link

HTTP    http://ftp.rz.tu-braunschweig.de/pub/mirror/auditor/auditor-200605-02-no-ipw2100.iso    

FTP    ftp://ftp.rz.tu-braunschweig.de/pub/mirror/auditor/auditor-200605-02-no-ipw2100.iso    

HTTP    http://mirror.switch.ch/ftp/mirror/auditor/auditor-200605-02-no-ipw2100.iso

FTP    ftp://mirror.switch.ch/mirror/auditor/auditor-200605-02-no-ipw2100.iso

for other wirless cards


This version is for all systems except systems with the Intel B/G wireless cards (IPW2200).

The md5sum of auditor-200605-02-ipw2100.iso is "cdec4b975c1001ddc127a16a32ed1dd7"

HTTP    http://ftp.rz.tu-braunschweig.de/pub/mirror/auditor/auditor-200605-02-ipw2100.iso    

FTP    ftp://ftp.rz.tu-braunschweig.de/pub/mirror/auditor/auditor-200605-02-ipw2100.iso    

HTTP    http://mirror.switch.ch/ftp/mirror/auditor/auditor-200605-02-ipw2100.iso

FTP    ftp://mirror.switch.ch/mirror/auditor/auditor-200605-02-ipw2100.iso

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I wouldn't have thought that your Linksys WLAN card would have had an Intel Chip inside. You'll need to search the interenet if you need to find out which chip it is, some of Linksys stuff is Atheros which is good, but wireless with linux is still lacking a bit.

As for MD5, it is a hash of the data you are attempting to download. So the person producing the software will hash it and get a values which they post along with it.

When you have completed your download you should hash it in the same way and them compare the two outputs. If they are the same then good for you, burn and use the software. If they are different it could mean a number of things, like there was a problem in downloading the software and some bits are no different, so that program might not work, or someone could have altered the program to add nasty stuff like trojans and spyware.

MD5 is designed to to drastically change the output even if there is only a very small change in the code so it should be fairly easy to check that they are the same or different.

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