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    dont you need to have an admin account to do this?
  2. I cant get my computer to boot from the DSL i stuck it on my flash drive. What should i set as my boot these are my options USB RMD-FDD USB HDD USB CDROM USB FDD Atapi ZIP C: ZIP A:/LS120 i followed the tutorial on pendrivelinux.com
  3. ok so i dled bluesnarfer. I'm running on a windows. I extracted the .tar files and inside I have two text files both of them have code in them. What can I use to run these?
  4. gay. I didnt think so, Does this mean I cannot use auditor with this particular pc?
  5. How can I tell if my wireless g, linkys card is 2100 or 2200?
  6. I will by trying to do this with my laptop. TIA
  7. bilalq908


    do you have access to his computer? or are you trying to do this online?
  8. So warez is just a p2p file sharing site correct? Do they usually put passwords on there zipped files?
  9. if it helps you guys to solve this, I tried pandoras jar last week and tried it today and everytime it saves a song. I go and listen and it is always the same song. I think this means that something is up with the code on saving the song, it never replaces the song it is saving. TIA
  10. Ok this is whats happening. No matter what song i try to timeshift/grab it always saves this song from lifehouse instead. even if i skip through a few songs and try to timeshift another its still saves that lifehouse song. and 1.10 mb everytime. any ideas
  11. unable to retrieve bio from last.fm: Script '(function(){ function m(b){return b!=null?'"'+b+'"':'""'} function B(b){if(typeof encodeURIComponent=="function"){return encodeURIComponent(b)}else{return escape(b)}} function c(b,a){if(a){window.google_ad_url+="&"+b+"="+a}} function f(b,a){if(a){c(b,B(a))}} function l(b,a,d){if(a&&typeof a=="object"){a=a[d%a.length]}c("color_"+b,a)} function D(b,a){var d=b.screen;var g=navigator.javaEnabled();var e=-a.getTimezoneOffset();if(d){c("u_h",d.height);c("u_w",d.width);c("u_ah",d.availHeight);c("u_aw",d.availWidth);c("u_cd",d.colorDepth)}c("u_tz",e);c("u_his",history.length);c("u_java",g);if(navigator.plugins){c("u_nplug",navigator.plugins.length)}if(navigator.mimeTypes){c("u_nmime",navigator.mimeTypes.length)}} function y(b){b=b.toLowerCase();if(b.substring(0,3)!="ca-"){b="ca-"+b}return b} function G(b,a,d){d=d.substring(0,1000);d=d.replace(/%w?$/,"");if(b.google_ad_output=="js"&&(b.google_ad_request_done||b.google_radlink_request_done)){a.write('
  12. I am not having this problem, so it is tough to say why it it is happeneing to you. Try turning off the cddb lookup and see if it is still doing it. Then I'd know what is where the problem lies. my cddb has always been off what is it exactly? still only grabbing 1.10 mb of song and labeling wrong.
  13. same as mine and when i even pause the song so it dosent go to the next it will finally say it saved. When i go to play the song its a completely diffrerent song and its always 1.10 mb!!!!! pissing me off. i put cruise control off and do im manually around the middle/end of song. any ideas dave?
  14. I dont know about you guys buy mine are labeling wrong still. this is with 7.3.1 wish i could do something to help. trying to learn my html right now.
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