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internet speed problem


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i have a quick question only because i have never done this before and its killing my internet. i have a linksys WRT54G hooked into my modem. before i just just used to switch to manage my 2 computers and i used wireless for everything else and my normal download speed was about 1.25mbps. i wanted more things to be hardwired to my network (and get ride of that cable that ran all the way across my house) so i moved the modem and the linksys router to my living room. i placed a superstack 3 model: 3c16465c from 3com in my computer room i only have 2 machines running off that. while i have 3 things running off my linksys router my ps3, network media tank, and one to go to the other switch. my problem is since i have done that my internet speed has slowed down. i only have one machine on the computer im at now. im downloading one thing and its only going about 100kbps and its killing me is there something im doing wrong or does running it though two switches really kill your internet. thanks for your time and help.

i also didn't know if i got a bandwidth manager if that would help anything.

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not sure if im answering this right. but it goes from my modem to my router. on slot one is where my switch is plugged in. 2 and 3 go to my ps3 and my media tank. then on my switch it goes to 2 computer.

going from my switch to my router will not work for some reason my wifi has problems. other then that i don't believe that there is any setup for my switch. there is one for my router but not sure what the security measures are for a wired connection.

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are you using Static IP address' or allowing a DHCP to allocate them? if so, make sure that the DHCP in the switch is turned off.

i use DHCP to allocate them but how do i know if that switches DHCP is turned off? every where i have looked there is no configuration for it.


there is not DHCP on the switch online on the router.

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okay i was going to try two things at the same time. i plugged my laptop directly into my router dont know if it help since the other thing seemed to fix the issue though it creates more issues. i plugged the cable from the wall into my pc instead of the switch and my speeed jumped right back up. so why is the switch killing my internet.

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the switch is slowing you down. Did you buy it new? or given to you second hand?

i got it second hand from my boss he gave me a couple im going to try the other one. if that doesnt work i will probably cough up the cash to buy a new one.

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