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My electronic circuit mentor


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Hey guys and gals. I got a nice little project idea to make from scratch a PC car that can be used to chase the house hold pet. I want to share this project idea with somone who would be interested and able to help guide me to build. So can somone take me under their wing for this?

This is my over all idea for this little pc car. Simple little electronic car that uses the arrow keys. Forward, Left/Right turn/ Reverse. A simiple connection to labtop on a home wireless network. And just for fun, I would like to see how cheap I can get with the parts. Just a little taunting to others.

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I have obviously took this project and REALLY overlooked at just hacking a RC car. So Im doing that. Taking a rc car and using a project board to communicate to my computer. I know there are Phidgets out there. Anyone know of a cheaper idea? Down the line I may add more cars to the mix.

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