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PHP Question - Stripping Currency Input


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I guess I really should just go find a programming forum to post this in, but I'm too damn lazy.

I'm doing a form with PHP and I have a feild which contains currency - including the '$' signs, and potentially commas. I'm currently storing it in the MySQL DB as a string, but it would be much more useful if I could strip out those extra characters and store it as a double or float. Anyone know how to do this in PHP?

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use the ereg_replace function. here's an example:


$money = "$3,301.98";

$formatted = ereg_replace('$|,', "", $money);

echo $formatted;

//prints out:  3301.98


ereg_replace replaces the regex (first parameter) with the second paramter from the string in the third parameter. so this is saying replace any $'s or commas with nothing. Make sure you escape the $.

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