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pfsense bitorrent acl


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I there a way i can make an acl for pfsense that will only allow one or two specific computers to be allowed to use bittorrent? I allow my neighbors to use my 30Mbs connection over Secure wifi for a fee ofcourse, and even though i stipulate that no one can use p2p networks of any sort ( except me of course :) ) i dont trust them not to so i need a way to deny it completely except for my use. any ideas?

EDIT: What i ended up doing was to block tcp/udp ports 6881-6889 for the ip of the wireless switch( netgear wps 606 i think) they use to connect to my network. i have no way of really testing whether it was enough because i don't want them aware that i am actively restricting traffic but since my wallet is at stake if they get caught downloading anything i feel i am justified

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