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Ever wonder why large computer corps back linux??


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I think it really depends on what you want, how easy you want it, and how fast you want stuff in the future.

Linux installation - PITA (unless you actually HAVE all those vm's on the cloud or unless you do want to go set all the compys in your company to netboot..)

Windows installation - EZ

Linux Administration - PITA.. no excuses or bias otherwise *unless you wanna remaster your distro and make sure it has packages for all the different drivers for all your different end user compys and cross your fingers and HOPE you never have to update anything that may be uncompatible with one client or another*

Windows Administration - EZEZEZ

Linux TCA - Free (but you pay in support in the long run when you have to go sift through forums or something trying to find support, unless you call the distro co... if they have call in support that is)

Windows TCA - :~ Cost but you have support right there right then.

Linux TCO - You got the time? I mean LOTS of time?! Well then your ok I guess... if you feel like it.

Windows TCO - Upgrade to the latest every other major redo (about every 6 yrs or more I guess) and for specific support on specific software is usually cheap.

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