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Multipass AV's


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Does anyone have a working Kav Rescue Disk or Avira Rescue Disk on their multipass? I've tried using both on separate machines and both fail to work once booted up. Kav I get past the initial load screen fine, but it never makes it to the GUI. When it goes to mount my hdds it cannot find any and says something to the extent of "Please specify ROOT drive": and entering in /dev/sda1 or /dev/hda1 does not work.

Avira is a similar issue. It gets into the GUI but stops at Loading Modules- 98% for about 5 minutes and then pauses at Mounting (fd0). When I open the commandline and run fdisk -l , it shows all of my hdds, but refuses to mount with (mount /dev/sda1 /mnt) them in any directory saying "this directory does not exist" when it clearly be seen that it does with a simple "ls". Any help is much appreciated.

color green/black

title Kaspersky
find --set-root /kavrescue.iso
map /kavrescue.iso (hd32)
map --hook
root (hd32)
chainloader (hd32)

title Avira
find --set-root /avirates2t.iso
map /avirates2t.iso (hd32)
map --hook
root (hd32)
chainloader (hd32)

title Trinity Rescue Kit 3.3 (default)
kernel /kernel.trk ramdisk_size=49152 root=/dev/ram0 vga=788 splash=verbose pci=conf1 vollabel=EKOHBOOT
initrd /initrd.trk

title Hirens 9.9
kernel /HBCD/memdisk
initrd /HBCD/boot.gz

title MemTest86+ 
kernel /memtestp.bin 

title DBAN
kernel /memdisk
initrd /dban.img

title Macrium Reflect
map (hd0,0)/macriumreflect.iso (hd32)
map --hook
chainloader (hd32)

title Main Menu
configfile /menu.lst

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