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Isow's MultiBoot

Lord Necron

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Isow's MultiBoot is a collection of repair, recovery, and diagnostic utilities designed to be run from a bootable DVD or, experimentally, USB. The eventual goal is to be a complete, solid, dependable resource for repairing both Windows and Linux PC's. This site is designed to be a central source for news, updates, and documentation for current and future releases. The following is a non-comprehensive list of utilities you'll find on Isow's MultiBoot.



* Hiren's BootCD: live DOS environment containing partition and data, MBR, BIOS, and recovery tools, benchmarks, disk cloners and images, and much more

* Hiren's MiniXP: live XP environment containing AV, anti-malware, and other utilities

* VistaPE: live Vista environment containing Vista Recovery Environment, GeekSquad MRI, AV, data recovery, VNC, putty, and more

* Windows XP Pro: stripped down install disk, primarily for recovery console or repair installs.

* Acronis True Image Echo Server: disk imaging, disaster recovery, and backups.

* Spinrite: data recovery

* Memtest86+: the standard in memory testing

* PC-Check: the most comprehensive single hardware tester available

* NTLDR repair: boot XP machines with 'NTLDR missing' error

* GOBACK Removal Tool: remove norton GOBACK

* SAW Linux: modification of the BackTrack4 Linux liveCD that comes with a full suite of security auditing tools as well as AV, data recovery, hardrive diagnostics, and more.


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