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Peusdocode & Flowchart question


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ok school question I guess i just need a nudge to tell me if im going in the right or wrong direction, or how to make what im doing better if they know a better method.

My assignment is to make a flowchart useing Raptor (a flowchart creation system developed by the US airforce dept of comp science) and peusdocode methods, has anyone used the Raptor flowchart software?

anyways.. I guess my main question is does this make any sense to you guys, it is my first attempt at puesdocode


1 Declare Integer credNeeded
2 Declare Integer credTaken
3 Declare String Name
4 Declare String progName
5 Declare Integer Result = credTaken - credNeeded
7 Display "Please enter your name"
8 Input Name
9 Display "Please enter your degree program name"
10 Input progName
11 Display "How many total credits does your degree require to finish?"
12 Input credNeeded
13 Display "How many credit have you taken so far for this degree?"
14 Input  credTaken
15 Display "Thank you", Name, "In order to complete your", progName, "Degree, you will need", Result, "more credits."

does everything seem to be in order? can i make the code shorter some how to do the same thing ( a better algorithm), any ideas would be of great help. This is suppose to be a basic program that gathers the students name, program they are studying in school, how many credits that course is, asks how many credits they have taken allready, then once all the data is gathered it displays it all in a normal easy to read sequence on the screen all useing the peusdocode of our book.. any help is appriciated, thanks! :)

btw; when doing puesdocode should i add the line numbers at the beginning in notepad , say if im not allready useing notepad++ or something? or will the code lines allready be added incase i decide to hand trace the program? sorry, im a complete noob just started my first programming class

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