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Persistence - multiple ISOs


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As I said in the episode thread I am looking at how to have multiple ISOs with persistence. I will have the room shortly as I am getting a 16meg drive to turn into a multipass :)

My assumption is I need to change the initrd and that's it. I found this link in which I am gong to use as a starting point. My first goal will be to have a different name for the casper-rw file in ubuntu. Looking at the current extracted initrd file it appears there are two lines where casper is mentioned (one the same as those in the above instructions). I haven't looked close at this yet. Then my next goal will be to find out if I can put the casper-rw file in a specified folder.

Did you notice something about the script? It looks like you can make a home-rw file to have home persistence. Interesting...

Has anyone attempted anything like this yet? What have you found out?

Personally I would like persistence with ubuntu and backtrack.

FYI, to create a casper-rw file to any size follow these instructions.

1. After your up and running in Linux, insert the flash drive that contains your casper-rw file

2. Type dd if=/dev/zero of=casper-rw bs=1M count=1024

(replacing 1024 with the "size in MB" you wish to use for saving changes persistently)

3. Type mkfs.ext3 -F casper-rw

4. Copy the new casper-rw file to your USB flash drive

5. Restart your computer, booting from the USB flash drive and enjoy the expanded storage for saving changes

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I actually started trying to figure out how to make Ophcrack look in a different folder for the tables a little less than a week ago. I had never touched an initrd or init script ever before. I didn't know that it was archived with both gzip AND cpio. After I discovered this, I tried to edit Ophcrack's initrd in Back|Track... Not a good idea. The file permissions were all screwed up. I finally did get it working though so now I have Ophcrack looking in a couple subdirectories for the tables and it also mounts NTFS and FAT32 file systems as rw so I can save passwords, user names, etc. I plan on working on Back|Track 4 PreFinal next in order to get the damn "casper" folder off the root of my flash drive and with the rest of the BT4 files/folders. That should be easy now that I have an idea of what I'm doing and how to do it.

I'll post a guide for editing Ophcrack's initrd when I have enough time. It might take a while because I see it as being quite a long tutorial, but it shouldn't take > 3 days for me to get around to it. By all means, try to do it yourself though because that's how you learn and finding things out yourself is much more fun and rewarding when you accomplish what you set out to do :)

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Hello People!!

I am VERY interested in getting multiple persistent OS's on a single USB drive. What i have noticed is that some persistent installs use a PARTITION called casper-rw and some use a FILE called casper-rw, if the OS's could somehow be manipulated to look for a differently named "casper-rw" file/partition then we could get several installs working concurrently. Has anyone got anywhere with this? There doesn't seem to be ANY documentation on the web about this :(

I would love to get this working, so any help would be great!

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