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HP Deskjet 6980


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A while ago I bought a HP Deskjet 6980 from a surplus, it was almost brand new. Even had brand new ink cartridges.

I got it home hooked it up to my network and printed out the information sheet so I know what IP address to type in and I go to it and it asks me for a password.

Now I also have a brand new 6940, which also has a password but I know what that one is so that's not a problem.

I have no idea what the password is to the 6980, it just sits in the basement waiting to be used. I asked around to figure out what the password was but I got no where. I even looked around the web and talked to a few guys at HP and they told me to reset and I did everything they told me and then some! And it still has a password.

I figured this would be my last hope that someone would know how how to hack these printers, cause I would really like to use it!

Ask me anything you need to know.


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Verify that the printer is powered on.

Press and hold down the Report Page button.

While holding down the Report Page button, press the Cancel button three times.

Release the Report Page button.

Doing that will reset to factory defaults which gives the web interface a passord of blank (apparently),

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Man I don't know how many times I have done that, Must be hundreds. I even tried it on my new 6940 (which luckily I know the password) and their stupid weigh of resetting the password still didn't work.

I thought I was doing it wrong but I been doing it right.

I can't think of anymore ways besides getting a usb print server.

Or either figuring out how to get into the printers code to change or remove the password.

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