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Linux on HTC Shift


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Does anyone have a link that will provide a package of drivers for the Netbook Remix version of Ubuntu 9.04 that will be applied to the HTC Shift? I have search high and low and the only package that I have found is for 8.04 which doesnt work for 9.04 in the least bit.

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Funny you should say, I have the exact same problem, got everything working apart from the essential things..(touchscreen, wifi, tilt function) kinda bugs me the drivers i've been working with a diffrent kernel from what im using..now its just gathering dust /flails madly

I suppose you been looking at this http://pof.eslack.org/blog/2008/04/14/linux-on-htc-shift/ before :)

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I have been to that site. But the 8.04 package didn’t work for me.

I have a few versions of Linux but just not the 8.04...have been hesitant to download it because of the connection that I am on (1 meg down 750 k up satellite :huh: ) with about 75 others on the network.

There is the 'download 8.04 over night' solution. But was just checking the forums and try to scrounge around in some Linux podcasts.

Not pressed for time. I just started to try to learn Linux again. Last attempt was thwarted by my inability to find a display driver that would show the whole screen on an '03 Dell laptop.

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