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usb pen camera


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I was wondering if it is possible to password protect or encrypt a pen spy camera with usb interface. Now the pen is basically a flash drive with a video camera, and an inbuilt battery. Can it be password protected so if someone gets their hands on it, they cannot use it? I tried truecrypt, but it only allowed me to create a pipeline, and other options didn't really work. The problem with pipeline is that the camera stores its video files on the flash memory as it is recording, and the pipeline just takes up the space as it just shows up as another file.

I have heard of some small programs which can be placed on the flash drive and everytime the flash drive is plugged in, the program executes itself and asks for a password. And without it, the flash drive doesnt open.

Any recomendations or advice appreciated.


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I dont think that is possible because the camera saves tot eh flash memory as you said. if you did a full encrypt it would no lover work because the software ont eh camera doesnt know about the encryption so it would raise an error. I am not saying this with full knowledge of the method but with a bit of Deductive reasoning and some common sense. So in the end it may be possible and i could be wrong.

So just keep your cam close

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