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Youtube login failures


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Anyone else having issue logging into YouTube? I reset my password thuinking that was the problem, but apparently other people seem to be having the same issue. I did notice that they changed the login process though, and you now have to login through google.com to get to it. I think maybe they foobared something in the process, because now it uses ssl and I think coming into youtube through google is causing people to not be able to login.

Here is the new login page: https://www.google.com/accounts/ServiceLogi...S&ltmpl=sso

Seems odd to me they did this without any notice to users.

'I call shenanigans'

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I think I may have determined where the problem is. I use OpenDNS for my dns service, and I noticed that because youtube now uses google to login to the site, OpenDNS may be the cause of the problems. Using pcap to scan the traffic I can see that google resolves to, which is google.navigation.opendns.com. So, in therory I beleive OpenDNS is the culprit of why I can no longer login to YouTube, since OpenDNS is not the one sending or authoring the SSL cert for the session and cookies, it fails to login. just a theory though. When I disable OpenDNS, Firefox works fine, but I still can't login with Opera. IE seems to be blocked by youtube now, and I have no intention of installing IE7 or 8.


I feel better knowing I am not the only one to have this issue, and its not solely an opera related problem.

anmoose has posted an answer to the question "YouTube new Login Process

Borked for Opera Browser":

I'm having no problems at all using Opera 9.52, and I can log in and out

with any of my half dozen accounts that are NOT linked to Google accounts. I

do have one test account that I created recently, solely to test the forced

linking that we now have to deal with, and I likewise have no trouble

logging in with it. However, when I log out of that account, I DO have to

also go to Google and manually log out of THAT account before I can use any

of my other accounts. The whole setup is a total mess, and it's caused many

a nightmare for users who, as Ebbixx says, have in many cases been

completely blocked out of their own accounts because of it. YouTube and

Google really DO need to come up with something definitive in the way of

explaining to users exactly HOW to work with this travesty. I'm not holding

my breath.....

ebbixx has posted an answer to the question "YouTube new Login Process

Borked for Opera Browser":

I'm having the same issue (well, not with Opera, since it's one browser I've

never installed)... but at present I can only login to one test channel

linked to my Google account when I've tried using IE7, IE8 or even Chrome.

At least I can still login using Firefox. Not sure what to suggest here, as

I'm far from convinced that what works for my account(s) is going to work

predictably in terms of linking or unlinking a YouTube account from an

association with a Google account. Someone needs to write something that's

clearly stated (and accurate) about this situation, as there certainly seems

to be no shortage of accounts that have limited or no access thanks to how

the linkage was implemented.

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