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RealVNC block work around


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If someone was to block RealVNC via either AD or a 3rd party app, does anyone know of work arounds to get it to work?

I know it uses port 5900 and I assume all they'd have to do is block that port. But can it use any port? Could you sent the VNC server client to run on port 80? That way they can't block that port?

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If 'they' are blocking it perhaps you shouldn't be doing it?

Well we're based up north, to do our job we have remote packages. One new deployment, content management, asset management, remote management piece of shit software that sometimes doesn't work or has issues remoting, we turn to VNC.

Management being the idiots they are have decided instead of spend the time to fix the issues with the new software, we'll make it harder for our IT to do their work by blocking VNC, forcing them to use the none working new tool.

That's why we want a work around as RealVNC gets the job done ALL the time, everytime.

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Perhaps you should focus on why the tool you are supposed to use isn't working rather than trying to do your own thing?

Exactly our point but management doesn't listen. We feel they should spend their time fixing the issue of why the shite tool doesn't work properly instead of spending their time trying to make our work harder by blocking the tool that does work.

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