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Partition fuzz


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Hi guys!

I have a little partition fuzz here, as the title states.

I use dualboot with Vista and Ubuntu.

Now my partitions look something like this for example.

My total sda space is 200 gb.

sda1 (100 gb)

- Vista NTFS partition (100 gb)

sda2 (100 gig)

- Ubuntu ext3 partition (96 gb)

- Swap partition (4 gb)

Now the thing is with gParted I was not able to resize the sda2, so I resized the ext3 partition.

This resulted in some brilliant unallocated in the sda2. Now how can I move this to the sda1 to the Vista partition? :(

The ubuntu install is pretty fresh, so if formatting is the easiest solutions then sure.


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