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Creating Payload need help


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I am creating a payload that hopefully wont get detected iv been developing it for a while now but what i need to do is have a program that will email the zipped output files. I do know how this is done iv seen others payloads do it but i cant figure out how its done.

So far my payload collects information without any user prompt no anti virus detects it but all i need is a program that will email the collected info and it must be one that a anti virus wont detect.

I am working on a few versions of this payload one will run from u3 the other two will run from none u3 and the final will run from cd using auto run so that as soon as the cd is entered in too the drive the payload runs undetected in the background.

Also i would like to find out how too disable the anti virus too.

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* use ftp

* use ftp with ssl

* use http post

* use https post

* use https post with authentication

* use https over altern port like 53 with auth

* have your payload create a reverse shell to yer server

* use pastebin.ca pastebin.com etc. . :)

Would rather it sent by smtp. Iv tried setting up a ftp before but i lost my cool with it.

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