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Evil WiFi Part 1

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Found this on twitter, written by Ax0n. I met him out in Missouri, he's mad cool. Thought it was worth posting here since he did a great job explaining it all and also shares with us some nuggets about /etc/dnsmasq.conf


Thanks for the linkage :)

I also had to do some updates to the article because I was working with TWO different versions of jasager while writing it. What's up there now should do the trick.

I am working on showing how to integrate it with some other evil tools as well. I've been having a lot of fun playing with Jasager on and off over the past few months. I still love that video explaining how Jasager (and Karma in general) works.

Part two will be even more evil. Part three, if it works out the way I want it to, will be even worse. But it's all in fun. Right?

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