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Busch Gardens


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So I just watched that episode a few back about cowpatty, Freenas, and that password skipping live cd. (I was just browsing boxee channels during my downtime at work)

I noticed there was mentions of a trip around august 8th to Busch Gardens to celebrate Hak.5 anniversary or something.

My question is how do I get in on this action? My girl has been bugging me for awhile to take her there for a minute now, and if we could make some new techno friends in the process that would be just awesome.

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Hey thanks for the link. We will almost definitely be there. I'm excited the 15th is the day after my birthday.

As far as your captain goes , I doubt they will let you bring it into the park. I think they even go so far as to ask you to let them look into any bag your trying to bring into the park. But if you don't mind drinking before noon and can keep yourself together long enough to get through the gate you'll be in the clear. Good luck to you. If you try and sneak it in and your booze gets taken away come find me and I'll buy you a beer.

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