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dechipher a .bin file


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The firmware is the operating system that router runs.

You can try dissembling it, but it'll take allot of work to understand it. The first thing you need to do in this process is determine the instruction set used. You can do this by looking at the processor type. It is most likely an ARM processor, but it could be a MIPS processor (among other instruction sets). Once you have figured this out you can use an equivalent dissembler to create human readable assembly, from there you can figure out the rest.

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Those are usually small http servers with built in web gui interfaces, often based on linux, but could be anything. If you open any of the bin files in a text editor, you can see the web stuff, like the javascript and html code.

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first, thanks for answering!

i already tried to view with text/hex editors, but i get only unreadable characters (non javascript, html)...that's why i doubt it could be a encrypted .XML (like other routers do)

i'm thinking it might be a binary image-representation of the router's settings status...but it certainly has some kind of encryption (that's what i probably need to find out, in order to read its data!)

i wouldn't say it's compressed (too many repeated characters...)

i'm almost certain:

the Firmware is writen in C and compiled onto a ARM processor, with EON flash memory

i'm asking your help, since i'm just a web programmer, web designer with some video-editing skills...but i'm no good at disassembling.

Could somebody please try it, maybe with a good ARM Disassembler ?

i post the firmware (version V2.04, dated 28 april 2006)




i also found this opensource firmware version here:


BUT i'm not completely certain it is exactly the same as the V2.04 ...??

and of course the config.bin


...i rely on your help (it's not a joke...it'd be important to me to retrieve the data stored in the config)

Thanks very much for any help!

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i analized the source code, and i would say that the files involved in the "config.bin" parsing might be these (path within the .tar.gz achives):




now, could you help me compiling the "rgbin" executable (i guess that might be the key to get the .xml out of the .bin, don't you think?) so that it could be run on a Linux?

or, alternatively, if you own a DI-524 with telnet access, i could send the config.bib so that you try decode it thru the "rgbin" utility...


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