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Thoughts on Far Cry 2's ending *spoiler*


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Ill have to admit, the game itself, while others found it boring, I found it to be awesome. I couldn't wait to go explore another part of the world, and though it did get kind of off track in Act2, it was still awesome, but what about the ending?

I'll admit the ending pretty well pissed me off at first because there were no way to keep my buddies *and I really did care about them... never let any of them die unless I didn't have a choice* and no way to have a different ending. But at the same time it did make me think.

It made me think about everything that does go on in Africa, and how close some of these things that happen in real life are to the game. What really got me thinking though was what the Jackal was talking about at the end. The entire time your killing people relentlessly. Hurting everyone in your path, and even though it was a game, it makes me wonder if things like this really do go on in people's heads.

An example if you will.. A hired gun. They kill for money, and basically will do anything for it, but in their minds they do not think about it the way we do. Just kinda puts you on the other side of the fence for a minute.

At the end of the day though, even though it was a THOUGHTFUL ending, it kinda aggrivated me... No different endings? I mean cmon Ubisoft, I thought this was 2009, and we were past the whole 'you made different decisions in the game but GOTCHA in the end' shpeil. I mean if there were just one other ending, even if it was a crappy one, it would have been a choice?! Even the ending to BIOSHOCK which was not that great was still something to consider going back and not harvesting for.. oh well.. What are your thoughts?

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