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Opteron 2354 x2

These are Quad Core CPU's and I couldn't find them on the HCL, but I was wondering if they would still work, being installed in a Tyan dual socket F board. I haven't chose a board yet, so I am open to suggestions there. I am partial to Tyan, but if someone has another suggestion for a motherboard brand that supports dual socket F quad core Opterons, I am willing to stray away from Tyan. I need support for 8+GB of ram and onboard video is a plus, but not a must.

Suggestions for a cheap raid card that supports RAID 10 and works with ESXi would be great as well, but I am still searching on that. (Note: Needs to have 4 SATA ports) Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions =)

EDIT::Added the requirement for 4 SATA ports on the raid card

EDIT2:: I guess the 2354's are supported in Retail Boxes so I suppose the CPU's won't be an issue, but I am still trying to find a motherboard that is supported by ESXi(Preferably 4.0 just to play with 64bit) =)

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Get a highpoint rocketraid card, they are cheap and better than the basic crap you will find built into most motherboards.

Out of interest, with the amount of cash your looking to spend would a Dell/HP tower server thats on the HCL not be a better option?

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I already own the said CPU's. Ended up being a pull from a workstation. The board died and I was given the workstation as payment for some work I did on the side. I was trying to stay white box, though, due to already owning the CPU's. I'm at about an $800 budget, considering it will be for my personal use. The thing being I'm still searching to see if it will even be possible to pick up 8GB of ram for the system for under $800 due to not knowing if the CPU's and/or motherboard will require ECC ram. If so, the project will be put back under the table for another time.

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Start here, I can't help you with the specifics but if your able to figure out stuff for yourself the above links should point you in the correct direction.

Thank you, I had already checked the vm-help HCL and the above poster pointed me in the right direction in regards to a raid controller. Big thing now is finding a Motherboard to support dual socket F Opteron quads and if the Motherboard will require ECC memory.

Looking for more personal experience w/ the boards more than anything else. =)

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