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Jasager on an Eee?

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I'm pretty new to Hak5, I've been watching previous episodes and Jasager has caught my eye. I'll get a Fon soon, when I've got some cash (BT in the UK are selling them for £14.97 right now - sweet!). But in the meantime, I've been thinking, it ought to be possible to do this on an Eee Pc - they have the Atheros wireless card, after all - so I wonder has Digininja (or someone else) put together a "simple" way to make Jasager work on the Eee?

I thought maybe I could get the rogue AP thing going on my Eee with Karma. So I put Backtrack3 on a USB stick and had a look... And look's pretty much all I did. I dunno, I can't seem to get Karma working for me, the few guides I've found seem to bear no resemblance to what's going on in Backtrack on my Eee. So a nice Jasager-ish front end would be lovely.

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I have installed debian on my eee pc and just starting to look at using Airbase-ng with it which should do the same as the fon. When I have chance to test it I will write up a quick post about it about how it went. I have seen some other posts about this sort of thing so it would be an idea to search this forum for them as they contain useful information.

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