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Is it only me?


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One day I decide I wanna go play some COD4, i go online, so master server respond, then i go on COD2 still no respond from the master server so i decide to go play some BF2, still nothing and then I go on Counter-Strike, still nothing.

I really need help, i wanna play games again and its pissing me off that i canr find anything to help me on google or anything.

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sounds like a firewall issue, check your system & router configuration

well idk for the firewall, for the system, were would it be? and just to let u know, i dont have a router so its weird

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I have the same problem, the master servers for most games generally show very few servers, and show high latency for them, but if I connect to one of them, the latency is fine.

So what I have to do is use game-monitor.com or a similar service for my servers, and then favorite the ones that I like and connect directly to them. And I think in my case is an ISP issue since it's been happening no matter how much I tweak my configurations, and it's been going on for several PCs / routers.

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thx 4 the reply, but i tried game-monitor.com and i tried connecting directly to the ip but whenever i tried joining a counter-strike server, the window is saying "server is not responding"

anything that could help me here?

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