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BT + usb wifi card inside VMware


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I had an idea few days back and want to check if my thinking's right.

Topic says it all. I want to use Bactrack 3 or 4 inside VMware and plug wireless usb adapter to my machine.

VMware support USB devices is really good in my opinion, however only devices I used were: USB Gamepads, Thumbdrives and printer.

So my question is - do VMware would have problem with passing usb wifi card to backtrack?

will BT inside vm have problems using usb card? Any additional configuration needed, or boot and ready to go.

Main and pretty much only reason to do this is wifi cracking. Why not use BT natively - I don't want to poweroff my XP unless i really have to. Also above situation should allow me to use two Internet connections simultaneously...right? One for each OS.

So.. what do you think?



I am aware of performance drop especially since this is Atom based EEE.

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Actually, the only way to use a wireless adapter in a laptop with vmware is by an external adapter. This is how I use it on my desktop and laptop, so I can run windows and backtrack 3 at the same time, via a Linksys WUSB54GC usb wifi adapter.

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Thanks for reply.

Good to know that this is going to work. I checked your wifi adapter model. It's small usb stick.

Could you tell me - is it worth to invest into hardware with external antennas?

If so, any recommendations/tips? As far as I know Atheros based chipsets are good for cracking. Only those?

Also I did little research and for example here:


(try using google translate, but specification is in table below and I think you don't need to translate)

Item description say that is based on a ZyDAS chipset which is alternative to Ralink or Atheros. However if I checked other item like this one or did little google search - results say that this is a Atheros chipset. I'm confused what's right here.

And one more thing. If i buy one of above items, will backtrack support them right after boot. I really want to have hardware ready to go, no configuring, loading modules or anything else.

Once again - thanks

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The card I use can capture in monitor mode. The card itself does no cracking, the software does all the work. One thing about the card is it does not have the greatest range, but it does the job for me. External antennas are always a plus in any wifi capturing job, and if you go with a card that can take an external antenna, you are probably better off. I'm not too familiar with cuscomizing antennas, but I know that if you get a USB extention cable, you can easily stick my card into a pringles can and make a longer range uni-directional antenna out of it just bu cutting a hole in the bottom of the can and mounting the card on the inside. I haven;t had a need to do that, I just use the extension cable and lay the card in my window sill and it works fine like that. One thing to note, I have the wusb54gc and not the wusb54gsc. The one with the S is a better card and faster, but it does not work in linux, only windows. Be sure that you know what you are buying when looking at cards.

Good list to check against: http://backtrack.offensive-security.com/in...hp/HCL:Wireless

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