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Distributed Applications Decission : Help Needed???


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Hi All,

i am looking for a Open source alternative to Citrix XennAPP.

i love citrix, i realy do and have always tried to impliment it where ever i go becouse of the window manager that users get, and the fact i can install a item of software on the server and thru citrix give it to a user with out having to do the whole active directory download install on user log in etc...

i have looked at Nomachine (FreeNX) however from a user point of view this would not work becouse they would have to type commands in to a terminal in order to get the program etc...

so is there an alternative to citrix where a user has a window with all the applications availible to them and they click it and it opens/streams from the server...

any suggestions here would be very welcome as the company i now work for does not have the £33K needed to impliment the Citrix solution i have suggested ... they do have a budget but its not £33K LOL....

Many Thanks


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