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Hi. im wondering if anyone can help me out with this problem. :blink: I've tried to reinstall Java many times with no sucsess. also tried to reinstall the bot and everything that i can come up with. I always get an Error message that says

"Could not find 'Javaw'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again"

The bot works on my laptop, but can it be that i have Windows 64-bit on this computer and XP on the laptop?

I really hope anyone can help me out with this problem.

PS! im not a geek, so try explain it to me on a easy way.

TY for your time ;)

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If I were you, I would quit playing that game. It was fun back in the day, but recent and past updates have ruined the game.

The bot you are currently using is prolly extremely detectable if it is messing with the game Java.





This is what I used "back in the day." It is a pascal compiler with color picking, and many other safety features to prevent ban.

Make sure you set it up right and then use whatever free scripts you can.

Protip: If you make an account and wait a week, you have access to more, better scripts. And if you write your own and post it on SRL then you will have access to all scripts.

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Yeah but i got the RSBOT on another computer, and its not easy to detect, and its working great... I just wonder how i get the JavaW file.. couse its the only problem i got, and its the only problem i've got with this bot. Maybe its my 64bit vista? IDK... just wondering how it can find the javaW file

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