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Hi Guys, I had an Idea I was hoping to get some help with.

I find myself working on 3 or 4 different computers during the course of a day.

2 at work (1 XP and 1 Ubuntu) and 2 at home (1 XP and 1 Ubuntu).

My problem is that I may be researching some topics on one system, find some useful information. But may need to transfer it over to another computer to continue with it there. I found that sometimes E-mailing myself links,instructions, lines of code works, but it's not as efficient as I would like it to be.

I have apache set up on my home Ubuntu, and I was hoping to get some input on how I can set it up to be a personal 'clipboard' or post-bin web page to use between systems. I have seen a couple existing services on the net that are set up to do this, but I was really hoping to do this on my own system. I thought a really basic Blog type idea might work even..

Any Help/Ideas would be appreciated.


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Thanks for the ideas, but unfortunately Synergy won't fully resolve my issue. And Evernote looks great, except that it's mainly for Windows and Mac. There are tutorials for installing it in WINE in Linux, but I don't want to go there.

Maybe I need to search harder for some HTML code for a basic 'paste-bin' clipboard web page template...

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So turns out what I was looking for all along was a "Personal Wiki". It suits exactly what I need.

If anyone is interested you can find a few options here.

This serves as a notepad that I can access from any computer/browser.

I'm pretty sure I like instiki, it seems the simplest so far, and there is security on it.

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