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Fon 2100 running legend firmware


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While playing with my fon yesterday I received an error and a message that said to "report this to the author". The error was a "signal 14"/"signal alarm" and after this my fon started behaving unpredictably. The wired link kept dropping out and it seemed like to fon was rebooting on it's own but my mounted share for airodump-ng was still there so I'm pretty sure that it did not "actually" reboot.

I have posted this here because I am unsure if this was a legend firmware error or a aircrack-ng error and how to contact the author. (plus hak5 just rocks anyway)

Fon 2100

legend Alpha4 firmware

Error received after running airodump-ng and finding no wireless signals and then stopping airodump-ng

Problem behavior noticed shorty after and continued even after several power cycles.

airodump-ng did work after the error and I did capture packets but the loss of the wired link kept reseting my ssh session.

I have a screen shot of the message but I am unable to post it at the moment (it's on my flash drive which of course I don't have on me).

If there is more info you need or info gathering steps you would like me to try I am willing, I have not re-flashed the fon yet as I wanted to receive the "ok" from the author in case there was more info needed and unlike most other windows users(yes I said it) I know if you don't report it, it won't be fixed.

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